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All Canuck 3D parts come fully cleaned and ready for you to paint, however; most of parts come with the supports removed, so final sanding will still be required by the builder to remove any small bumps from where a supports were and/or layer lines. For very delicate parts, the supports are left attached to help ensure they arrive in perfect condition. Canuck 3D prints at a higher resolution than most of the competitors to reduce the amount of sanding required. Many parts will require nearly no sanding at all.

All parts are as highly detailed as the 3d printers will allow. Currently using Elegoo Saturn 2 8k, Elegoo Mars Pro, and Anycubic Photo Mono X.

In order to develop parts that will improve the model, a physical model is required to ensure a correct fit and do test-fit every part before it becomes available. All designs are not from purchased 3d files due to the fact those files are not designed around model kits. All designs are done by Wylde Parnelle, a mechanical designer with over 40 years of CAD experience using mostly AutoCAD.

We generally ship within 48 hours of payment and accept; PayPal, money order, or e-transfer (Canada only) as payment.

All prices quoted are in U.S. dollars plus shipping. Canadian flat rate shipping is $18.00 up to 0.5kg. U.S. flat rate shipping from Canada is $17.00 with tracking up to a maximum weight of 0.25kg (including Hawaii).

For larger orders the rate will be calculated. Email us for international rates. Canuck 3D has a partner in Pennsylvania U.S. Every effort to keep that location well stocked so shipping to the continental U.S. is as low priced as possible. Flat rate is $10.50, so fill the box.

For the benefit of customer's, the best shipping rate will always be applied to your order, 100% of the time.

It’s come to our attention that our product is being sold at shows, privately, and on eBay at substantially higher prices. There are only 2 authorised locations to buy Canuck 3D products, Alberta Canada and Royersford Pennsylvania. Any item bought from these 2 locations will have 100% product guarantee.  Any items bought on eBay or elsewhere, will not.

Pricing in both locations are identical except for shipping. PA location offers a much better shipping rate to the continental US states than the Canadian location.

Only model shows Canuck 3d has been at to date, is NNL East 2024, MAMA's NNL in Maryland 2023, and September Showdown in Boyertown 2023.

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