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1980 Monza Spyder

My 1/25 build so far. In 1979 I bought a brand new Chevette and in 1980 I wanted a cooler car. I was working at a fairly decent paying jobs and Corvettes were cheap (and they were junk then too) so I had my sights set on trading my Chevette for a Corvette...lol. I put a deposit on a brand new 1980 Corvette in a really nice dark metallic green. The day before getting the car, a co-worker suggested I should call my insurance to find out how much my insuarance will go up owning a Corvette. I was only paying about $750 a year then and thought 'it can't be that much more' but I called. The new rate would have jumped to $3700. Ack! Cancelled the purchase on the Corvette and instead bought a 1980 Monza Spyder that was on the same lot. The insurance for this one was only $1100 a year, affordable.
Owned the car for about 2 years and had loads of issues with it but it was such a cool looking car. At 32000 miles, the v6 threw a connecting rod, breaking the cam into 3 pieces and putting a hole in the side of the block. Needed a new engine and back then Warranty was only 1 year or 20,000 miles so GM said 'tough luck for you' I fought them for 9 months to no avail and replaced the engine from a salvage yard. Traded the car in for a 1978 Subaru Brat...Now that was a mistake, but was sure fun to drive.
Other than creating my decals the wrong colour (could be a printer issue also) it turned out pretty good. Unfortunately the black marker I used to hide the white edges of the decal bled when I clear coated it. To have the correct wheels, I 3d modeled them in my CAD and sent them out to get 3d printed. I am pretty happy with the result of this build. I also had to find a 1980 style dash. The promo model, even though it was circulated as a 1980 model, it still had the dash from a 1975-1977. I bought another full Monza kit hoping it had the correct dash and it did. I made a copy out of resin.
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