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1978 Subaru Brat
In 1982 I traded my Monza Spyder for a 1978 Subaru Brat. Reasoning was due to the fact at the time I was going to school and I had a paper route delievering the bundles to carriers. My Monza was getting beat up but I was able to put everything in it every day. Figured a little fuel efficient truck was a better choice. Well it was and it also was a big pile of crap. The carburator would freeze WHILE DRIVING. Suburu had a fix which was called "Cold Weather Shield" and when I saw what it looked like, made my own with cardboard. That problem went away. The worse part of this cute little truck was it was a major rust bucket. Eventually I bought the Acadian (above) and sold the Subaru in late 1984.
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