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1975 Monte and 2002 S10 Xtreme

1975 Monte Carlo Restoration
This is my restored 1975 Monte Carlo. I purchased in 1992 on Easter Sunday in Northbay Ontario for $1800. A lot of work has gone into it since that time. When I purchased it, the odometer already showed 142,000. In 1996 I decided to completely restore it to use as my wedding car, so the stripping began.
This is what it looked like then. The original colour was powder blue with a full vinyl roof and it was basically 'Plain Jane' (power nothing). I knew it had some hope though. Throughout the the next 4 years I spend my spare time in wrecking yards finding good condition power equipment. I lucked out in finding a 1975 Landau with power everything. I stripped it and installed the power split bench seat, tilt steering, power windows, power trunk. The power door locks didn't work (to this day, they still don't). Later I found a fully gauged dash in a 1976 Monte. So in that went. But the body still wasn't looking the best so I had to make a decision on what I should do. I pieced together some bad body jobs every summer to attempt to buy time.
In the spring in 1996 I decided it was time to do it right. The first task was to remove all of the many body work attempts. There were several layers to remove since I had done 3 back yard jobs and who knows how many were done from 1975 to 1992. I completely stripped the car, interior, glass, everything. I then had the body polybasted (Sand blasting with plastic beads instead of sand. Eliminated the possibility of warping). I had the 2 rear quarter panels sectioned off and new metal was welded in place. Also the rear lower sections of both front fenders had to be sectioned off and it also received new metal. The paint is epoxy enamel 1993 GM Bahama Blue.
Next came the fun in reassembly. Lucky for me I took this car apart so many times I remembered where everything went. At the same time I replaced all the weather seals, put a new front windshield and tinted all the rear windows. Once the car was completely reassembled I had a Landau style vinyl roof installed.
Remainder of the specs;
  • 350 2bbl, automatic transmission
  • 8" Corvette Steel Rally Wheels
  • 255-60SR15 BF Goodrich TA's (including spare)
  • JVC AM/FM Cassette player
  • Original AM/FM 8-track player available
  • tons of extra parts
  • dual exhaust
She is a beauty, it's a shame I had to sell it because it had become something that takes space in my garage. Had to make room for my new toy, Indigo Blue 2002 S10 Xtreme Extended Cab. I ordered it June 29, 2001 and it arrived September 29, 2001.
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